Gutter Restoration | Lexington, North Carolina

Are your gutters completely black or have "tiger stripes"? Don't replace them, they can be restored! 

These can't be cleaned with normal soap. You can scrub all day long and they won't come off.  This is when most people get frustrated and either paint over their gutters or have them replaced.  Or worse yet, just settle into a resentful acceptance.  We love our city, Lexington, North Carolina, and we love Davidson County and all our communities and our neighbors and we don't want our community to have to settle.  We don't you to have to settle.  We don't want you to dislike your business or home's appearance.  So if you're at the end of your rope with your gutters, give us a call!  We can help!  Gutters a huge investment and we can help you add years to the life of your gutters and make them look brand new.  

Those black streaks are actually caused by a chemical reaction between the shingles and/or roof debris and the aluminum on the gutters.  At Hogwash, we use special detergents that actually break up the electromagnetic bond that keeps those black streaks on your gutters and allows them to be cleaned.

Gutter cleaning is included in every housewash we do, but if you've got tiger stripes and your gutters need some extra attention then call today and ask about our GUTTER RESTORATION service. (336-918-8856)

Gutter Restoration | Lexington North Carolina | Davidson County North Carolina

Dark "Tiger Stripes" - Before.  Gutter Cleaning in Lexington North Carolina.

Dark "Tiger Stripes" - After.  All clean!!!  Looks new again.  Gutter Cleaning in Lexington North Carolina.