Concrete Cleaning and Patio Cleaning in Salisbury, NC

We love Salisbury, NC. Such a cool city with some good eats and drinks and lots of cool stuff to see and do. Also, Food Lion is from there and Cheerwine? Have you been to the Cheerwine Festival? It’s amazing!

So while we are based out of Lexington, NC, we do lot’s of work in Salisbury. It’s right down the road from us and we love to help our neighboring towns and cities shine.

Recently, we were able to do some residential exterior cleaning and pressure washing in Salisbury, NC, and it was such a treat to drive downtown past the mouth-watering smells of The Smoke Pit (Seriously, though, the food there is amazing) and past beautiful Catawba College.

One of the surfaces we cleaned in Salisbury was concrete. We cleaned a driveway, walkways and a back patio. I won’t share all the photos, but I did want to highlight a couple of photos. The first just shows you before and after of the homeowner’s back patio. While aged, the surface still brightened up extremely well and is a much more inviting space for the homeowner and any guests. Also, the dark stains and algae can get extremely slippery and be a slip hazard when the surface gets wet. So in addition to helping the beauty of your property; cleaning the concrete is also important to help keep your property safe:

Concrete patio cleaning in Salisbury, NC

Concrete patio cleaning in Salisbury, NC

The other photo is of the steps leading to the house. Take a quick look and think; aside from the safety concerns of dirty concrete, which of these would be more inviting for you and your guests? I think at the end of a long day walking into your house on clean steps would do so much for your mindset and pride you have in your home:

concrete step cleaning in Salisbury, NC

concrete step cleaning in Salisbury, NC

So if you have dirty concrete at your home or business, please call Hogwash Pressure Washing today at 336-918-8856, or go online at and fill out an estimate request form. We have the right training, equipment and staff to safely and effectively clean the concrete around your property.

We also safely clean homes, roofs, decks and windows.

Thanks for reading!

Hogwash Pressure Washing Team