House Washing

Low Pressure House Washing

We can help you protect and beautify your most valuable investment - your home.  We use a low pressure technique to wash your home.  This low pressure technique prevents damaging your siding or windows, while allowing us to give your siding a thorough deep-cleaning; actually killing the algae and mildew, not just blasting it around.  

Think of it like killing  a weed.  Anyone can go out and blast the top part of a weed out of your yard; but unless they dig in there and kill the root, the weed will just come right back.

Same concept with house cleaning.  Algae is like a weed; it's alive… and it’s hungry! It’s feeding on dust, sugars and more as it grows on your vinyl. More than just an eyesore, this stuff can speed up the degradation of your siding and cause permanent damage if left unchecked.

At Hogwash, we use the right detergents, mixed with low pressure and years of experience to kill and remove the algae without damaging the vinyl, stucco, wood or aluminum siding.



Watch the video below to see an example of our house wash process!


Deck Cleaning and Restoration

Your deck can be your pride and joy, or your property's biggest embarrassment.  Decks really take a beating from the elements, whether it's rain, ice or the near constant exposure to the sun; your deck will fade fast and accumulate grime.

We can clean, restore, seal and help beautify and protect the investment you've made in your deck.  But be warned:  after a good Hogwashing, you're gonna wanna spend all your time out on your new deck!


Sidewalk, Driveway and Patio Cleaning

We love cleaning concrete.  You may have a walkway, driveway or patio made of concrete.  This robust and beautiful material is very porous and can get dirty very quickly and without you even thinking about it.  However, cleaning these areas of your property can really make your home shine.  We use industry-proven detergents to safely clean these surfaces.  You won't believe the difference this will make!